About Us

EXIO Tech Experts is a small family owned IT solutions business that was founded in 2001 as an outsourced IT consulting support firm built around the idea that small and medium sized businesses in the Region of Waterloo want enterprise level IT solutions that they can afford. Since inception, past and current clients have included law firms, construction companies, taxidermists, publishing services, and even a school. We enjoy the challenge of working with clients on high-risk implementations or managing everyday technology issues. These engagements enable us to utilize our soft skills and other intangibles to exceed our client’s expectations.
We offer our services to small and medium sized businesses operating in the Region of Waterloo including the outer townships.
Meet the Founders

Jay Vautour has over sixteen years of experience consulting industry-leading solutions to a wide-range of companies. His multifaceted approach to technology, has given him an edge over other outsourced IT solution providers. Jay firmly believes that a successful IT implementation stems from a deep understanding of how a company operates and functions. “Technology should operate around the boundaries of the company, not the other way around. We provide an unparalleled experience and level of service by leveraging our expertise, and focusing on our client’s requirements”.

Francine Couturier also has over sixteen years of experience in the IT world.  Working for companies like IBM and BlackBerry has given her a wide range of experience and knowledge.  “I’m a strong believer in customer service. You can teach anyone about technology you can’t teach someone customer service skills it comes from years of experience and to some it comes naturally”.